What are the main difficulties associated with scheduling an interview?

Obtaining a Global Entry Card may pose challenges as there is currently a significant backlog of applications and appointments are typically booked up to four months in advance. However, our service can assist you in obtaining an appointment slot expeditiously.

Due to its high demand among frequent travelers, the Global Entry program has limited availability for immigration interviews, causing difficulties for applicants to find a convenient appointment time. This is due to a shortage of personnel within the TSA, the agency responsible for managing the program, which can result in delays in scheduling interviews.

In addition, during government shutdowns, the TSA may have to reduce its workforce, leading to a backlog in processing applications and potential delays in conducting interviews.

Considering the overwhelming popularity of the program and these current challenges, obtaining a Global Entry interview with the TSA can be a complex process. However, in efforts to maintain national security, the agency is actively working to streamline the admission process and address staffing and resource shortages. To increase your chances of securing an interview, it is recommended to regularly check for available slots and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

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